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Videk takes pride in the partnerships it has formed in the 20+ years we have been in business. Take a look at our industry-based case studies and hear the many success stories directly from our global experts!

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Digital Eyes: The Ultimate Operator Tool for Océ ColorStream® Presses

Videk’s Digital Eyes unleashes the productivity of your ColorStream press by empowering the operator to perform typical QC checks on live print while the press is running at full speed. Now, there is no need to pause or stop the press for manual quality checks, EVER.

Digital Eyes is an easy-to-use, entry-level camera system that is available at a very affordable price point.

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Digital Eyes: The Ultimate Operator Tool for Ricoh Pro VC Family of Presses

Digital Eyes: Now available for the Ricoh Pro VC70000, VC60000 and VC40000 presses, this inline solution is an easy, affordable technology that delivers absolute confidence. 

If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it! This is a product that you will not want to be without! 

Download the Digital Eyes data sheet to learn more.

Don’t Miss Out on Another Opportunity to Increase Productivity!

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  • Elevate your high-speed color inkjet productivity Achieve maximum quality at rated speed with Videk Digital Eyes. Exclusively for new or existing Ricoh Pro VC Presses, this inline solution allows operators to assess quality during printing, ensuring you deliver premium inkjet output on all media, every time! It's easy to use and affordable to install.
  • Want to Reduce Your Inserter Setup Time? Videk's Line Scan Systems offer precision mail insertion and faster job changeovers, while improving speed, compliance and flexibility. Download the data sheet today to see how!